Twelve South AirFly Wireless Transmitter

I have fully made the switch to wireless headphones. I have a pair of AirPods I take with me everywhere and a pair of B&W PX Headphones for travel. Since they are wireless that presents some challenges when I want to listen to watch an airplane movie or play my Nintendo Switch. 


The Twelve South AirFly is a gadget meant to solve this problem. You plug it into a headphone jack and then it connects wirelessly to your headphones. 

In short, it solves a small problem. In my last few trips it has worked well. I got one for myself and my daughter who is also 100% wireless. 

In general, they work well - however - there are a few quirks with them. 1. They charge using Micro USB which is a shame. I would prefer they have a lightning connector or USB-C for charging. 2. They are a bit finicky when it comes to pairing. My trick has been to turn off the headphones I want to use, make sure the AirFly is on - and then turn on the Bluetooth headphones. This is primarily to ensure that the headphones connect to the AirFly and not your iPhone / iPad.

I keep these in my case for my headphones - they last 8 hours which is plenty of time for watching a movie or playing Nintendo. 

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