Bowers & Wilkins PX Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

Starting late last year I was scheduled to do a ton of international flying and decided to try out some new headphones. While I love my Bose QuietComfort 20i in-ear headphones I’ve grown tired of the dammed cord. It seemed that every time I got up from my seat the cord would strangle me.

A friend of mine had the new B&W PX headphones and raved about them so I decided to get them and try them out. After about 40,000 miles of flying I can safely say that they are fantastic.


There are some really nice features on these headphones:

  1. They automatically pause and resume when you take them on and off your head. This is great for meal ordering, drink ordering or otherwise interacting with another person
  2. They are comfortable - but not perfect. I find that they can get sore on the top of my head from the band after long bouts of wearing them
  3. They are USB-C for both playback and charging. Yay
  4. They have a nifty mobile app that lets you control them
  5. They have simple on-headphone controls for playback and volume
  6. They have very long battery life at 20 hours

They also look awesome. I have them in space gray. They come with a charging cable, case, and headphone cable for airplane movies.

I won’t speak to sound quality as this usually invites a bunch of subjective POVs. I am not an audiophile and value features and convenience.