Bombas Socks

Our family gets most all of our socks from Bombas. They are a great company that makes high quality socks.

Lora and I are a big fan of the "no show" socks. I have tried many types of no shows but a lot of them slip off in the back. These socks have grippers on your heel so that this doesn't happen. I like the lightweight versions as the cushioned versions are too thick in my opinion.


In addition to their no shows I like their dress solids socks for work. I wear these all fall and winter. They also have merino wool socks.

Finally, our kids are outfitted with Bombas for all their socks too. They have great kids selections.

They are super easy to order from and delivery is quick. You can save a lot by buying their packs.

Note: if you buy bombas through me you'll get 25% off your first purchase (and I get 2 free socks)