YETI Hopper Cooler

I bet you aren't thinking, gee I need a new cooler. I wasn't either. That was until I was at our amazing YMCA Camp Orkila on Orcas Island in the fall and saw a dad with what looked like a huge picnic bag, but it was really a cooler. After hauling my heavy large awkward cooler down to the beach I made a note to check it out.

Well like any good Seattle native, I usually have a decent REI dividend and this year I spent it on a  YETI Cooler. What is the YETI Cooler? It's a truly unique cooler. It's fashioned on the shape of a bag. It's soft, and quite large. It has a handle and strap so it's easy to carry.



The YETI cooler comes in 3 sizes. I purchased in the 30 quart size as that seemed to be the right balance of size, weight and volume.

We have used the cooler a few times now as a picnic bag and also as a weekend bag to transfer fridge items from house to house when we've rented houses around here.

We got our cooler at REI, and they seem to have the best prices and supply (not Amazon unfort). To keep items in the cooler cold I use these rubbermaid ice packs in different sizes. 

This is really an amazing, unique product. YETI is a great company and we have a number of their beer koozie's which I reviewed a while back.

Exceptional. A spectacular product.