Bellroy Travel Wallets

For Christmas last year I asked for a Leather Travel Wallet. I wanted something that could hold two passports, currency, travel cards and other items such as a boarding pass.

My research took me to Bellroy, a company that makes a number of great leather products (wallets, iPhone cases, travel wallets).

They make 3 different Travel Wallets.

Bellroy Leather Passport Sleeve Wallet

The wallets each come with a small pen, which is handy for filling our immigration cards

In addition, they hold a lot of travel related information.

On our recent trip to Japan, the wallet came in really handy to keep our subway cards, train tickets, and tax receipts.

The Passport Sleeve Wallet is perfect for 1 person.

The Leather Travel Wallet is perfect for 2 people, as you can fit two passports in it.

The Elements Travel wallet can probably fit more, although I have not tried putting in more than two passports.

While these aren't must have products, I did appreciate the quality and organization they offered. They come in a number of different colors as well.

They would make for a great gift.

Great. Worth purchasing.