AR Blue Clean AR390SS Electric Pressure Washer

After a year of living in Seattle, I experienced what most people soon come to know. A blanket of green growth on nearly every outdoor surface come spring. So a few years go, without knowing anything about power washers, I purchased a tiny / small portable power washer. After a season of usage, and a lot of elbow grease I started researching a replacement (as well as other techniques). 

The main complaint I had with my old pressure washer was that it was inconvenient to use often (lots of hoses and power cords without proper storage) and it was not strong enough, clocking in at 1500 psi. I needed something more usable, and faster.

My first thought was get a gas power washer. So I borrowed my neighbor's. That didn't work out so well. For one thing, I didn't find it was so much more powerful that it warranted all the headache of dealing with gas. It was also much heavier and louder. I wanted something that stored small in the garage. I also didn't want gas around, dealing with things like storing it (gas has a short shelf life).

At the same time, most of the power washers I was reading about on Amazon, did not have great reviews. It seemed they all suffered from some kind of problem (cheap construction, breaking, poor hoses and so on).

That is when I discovered a new power washer, the AR Blue Clean AR390SS Electric Pressure Washer. This is a 2000 psi electric power washer. 2000 psi is pretty impressive for an electric washer, and gets you close, but not quite there, for the gas units. 


After using this power washer the past two weekends I can safely say that it's amazing. Here is why:

  • Solid construction
  • Easy to use for a quick wash, or wheel around for a longer session
  • The hose is very long, and so you don't need to constantly re-position it
  • The power cord is made of a soft plastic, and it's easy to unwrap and wrap. Sort of like a Dyson Vacuum cleaner
  • The hose want is all metal
  • It comes with quick connect nozzles (like a gas washer)
  • It comes with a turbo nozzle, 0 degree, 25 degree and soap nozzle
  • It is pretty compact for storage (upright)

I was also encouraged by many positive reviews on Amazon. It has an average rating of 4.4 stars.

I really love this pressure washer and plan to use it a lot more, not allowing the green stuff to build up as much.

Exceptional. A spectacular product.

But, as I mentioned, there is one other technique I use to keep maintenance low, especially on my blue stone patio and fences... which using a product called Wet and Forget.

Wet and Forget is a pretty simple product. Just mix with water in a garden spray mixer and coat any surface. That's it. You let it just sit there and work. It's safe to use around plants. Within a few weeks you will notice that all the green stuff is gone. I also found it works great on black and white lichen which you will probably see on stone and other surfaces. It's nearly impossible to remove with a pressure washer. But Wet and Forget will take care of it in two applications (read the instructions).

I have found that a treatment of wet and forget in late September will prevent a lot of green growth. Another treatment in early spring helps for your early summer power washing.

Great. Worth purchasing.