Haflinger AS Classic Slipper

A few months ago I decided to replace my decade old house slippers. I headed over to the Sweet Home and read their review of the best slippers for Men and Women.

Next stop was Zappos where I ordered two sizes of the AS (indoor slipper), my true size (12) and a size up (13). Thanks to Zappos VIP I had the slippers next day, and found that these slippers ran small and the 13 was the right size. You may have similar results. The great thing about Zappos is you can order as much as you want and return things that don't fit.


The slippers are made of wool. They are light and feel great. A huge upgrade over my previous zippers. I love wool.

Lora and I have never been "take shoes off in the house" people, but our kids do, and we're thinking of formally moving to slippers at the entryway to encourage this behavior. In that case I may get a second pair. I've also been thinking of traveling with these slippers as they are light and comfy, and well, they just make me happy when I put them on.

Great. Worth purchasing.