Logitech Ultrathin Magnetic Clip-On Keyboard Cover - 4 stars

My wife hasn’t really ever traveled with a laptop. She does however wish she could do some light work (editing word docs, presentations, and doing some email). A few months ago we decided to get her an iPad Air (before the Air 2 came out). Since she can run Microsoft Office, Remote Desktop and email on her iPad it turned out to be a great light travel companion. What was missing though was some kind of a keyboard.

There are dozens of bluetooth keyboards out there. They come in all shapes and sizes. I was looking for something that wouldn’t make the iPad look like a crazy laptop, or add a lot of bulk. That’s when I noticed the Logitech Magnetic Clip-On Series.


This keyboard comes in two models and two colors to match the iPad.

Basically, there is a model for the iPad Air 2 and for the iPad Air (original). The difference is that the iPad Air model has a built in rechargeable battery that last 3 months and the iPad Air 2 model has non rechargeable batteries that last 2 years. I don’t really understand why they differentiate that way, but they do.

The cases have some great features though. They magnetically attach to the iPad, they automatically wake/sleep when you want to use them, and they have a nice flexibile stand that allows you to tilt the iPad a bit.



Keyboard support on the iPad is pretty good actually. You can do a lot from the keyboard such as switch apps, search, cut, copy, paste, control media, volume, take a photo etc. Application support for keyboards is still nascient. Apple’s apps all do a great job, and you’ll find some third party apps do and some don’t support keyboards.

This keyboard is by no means a full size keyboard designed for hours of typing. But it’s a remarkable portable keyboard that’s perfect for what my wife needs.

The iPad Air 2 version gets mixed reviews on Amazon. Honestly, I think people have pretty whacked expectations of what a small keyboard like this should be able to do. Personally, I find this keyboard to be minimalist and great for light typing. On a vacation, it’s a great balance of form and function.

Therefore I give it 4 stars. Why not 5? Well it’s not perfect. The magnetic latch is a bit frustrating at times, and the tilt mechanism is a bit funky.

★★★★☆ Great. Worth purchasing.

For me personally, I have another keyboard to review, the Logitech Key-To-Go which is awesome.