Menu Dining Bottle Grinder - 5 stars

Everyone should have an awesome salt and pepper grinder. When I was a kid we had this small Peugeot Pepper mill. It seems as if it was always out of pepper. Over the years I’ve seen and tried a number of pepper and salt mills. I’ve never really found one that’s made me happy. One that was big enough to store a LOT of pepper. Something that didn’t leave a mess every time I put it down.

Not to long ago I was browsing my favorite store in Houston, Kuhl-Linscomb and saw a funny looking pepper and salt mill. Seriously, if you are ever in Houston, you need to check this place out. It’s a Sur-La-Table meets Design Within Reach. Anyway, I discovered these interesting looking salt and pepper mills from a Danish company, Menu.

These funny looking salt and pepper mills are standing upside down. Why? So that you never have to deal with a mess! And that base in the bottom? It holds an incredible amount of peppercords and salt. I fill these up 2-3 times a year.

I seriously love these things. They are a joy to use. 5 stars.


Exceptional. A spectacular product.