Casper Glow Light

My friend Kelsi introduced me to the Casper Glow Lights, and I’ve been using them for two weeks to great success! I’ve gotten out of bed at 6:30 every M-F and 7:30 on Sat and Sunday without snoozing once! A first for me.


I am not an easy riser. The Snooze button is something I often use and go through great lengths to keep hitting. As part of my goal to get a consistent 8 hours of sleep each night, I was interested in also waking up successfully at a specific time - 6:30.

The Casper Glow is adorable! It is also a smart little device. It has several capabilities:

  • It will gently wake you up by starting dim and gradually getting brighter

  • To turn it on, you pick it up and flip it. It has a timer that will start dimming the light easing you into sleep. You can pause the timer by pressing a button on top.

  • To dim it you turn it on any surface to brighten and dim the light

  • To turn it on the lowest setting you shake it

  • You can pair it to other lamps to coordinate the lights

  • It charges using its supplied base station.

There is an iOS app that lets you program and controls the lamp as well as pair it with other glow laps.


How well is this working for me? Let me show you. You can see the last two weeks compared to the previous weeks.


You can pick one up for $129 or get a pack of two for $229.

I’m planning to get these for my kids.