USB-C Charger Roundup

USB-C is here and I’ve been trying to purge all my other USB stuff to get down to just USB-C chargers. The benefits are USB-C chargers can support a much higher (and faster) range of charge meaning you spend less time charging. I have also managed to find adapters that let me charge my different kind of devices using USB-C like my surface - minimizing what I have to travel with.

I own all these charges so you don’t have to. There are many I also have I didn’t bother reviewing since I think these below are the best for you. I use this device to test them all.

In a follow-up post I will detail how I use my Peak Tech Pouch and the Magpul Daka pouches to organize all this stuff for me and the family.



Charging speed

USB-C chargers can charge at many different rates through a standard called Power Delivery. There is a dizzying combination of Voltages and Amperages that they output to charge your devices. It’s important to note that the latest iPhones can be charged very fast - 18W vs the 5W adapter you get with your iPhone. That’s more than 3x faster. In addition the latest iPads can be charged up to 30W but they only come with an 18W charger. Finally MacBooks need 30W to charge at normal speed (they can charge more slowly at 18W) and a Surface needs a min of 30W or it won’t charge.

The Mu One - 45W

This is an incredible charger. It is world wide meaning it comes with clever adapters for travel to any country. It stores flat which means it fits great in my Peak Design bag.

It’s a 45W charger so plenty of charge for a Surface, MacBook and iPads and iPhones to charge at full speed.

The Mu One is 82g and I verified can change a MacBook at 45W and iPad at 30W. Of all the chargers below this is the lightest, smallest and fastest in balance.

Anker Atom PD2 - Dual USB-C 60W

This is a brand new charger from Anker that has two USB-C ports (a first of its kind). Total output is 60W. That means it can do two simultaneous charge at 30W each or a single charge at 60W. Great if you have a MacBook Pro.

The Anker Atom PD2 is 183g

Anker PowerPort II - 48W - Dual Charger

This is a USB-C (30W) and USB-A (18W) charger. This is a great charger for many reasons - it can charge most USB-C devices listed above at full speed or their min speed and also charge using USB-A at up to 18W (some devices support 9V/2A or 12V/1.5A branded Anker PowerIQ 2.0 or Qualcom Quick Charge) - nothing from Apple though.

The Anker PowerPoint II is 151g which makes it rather heavy and if you don’t need 30W USB-C get the one below.

Anker PowerPort PD 2 - 30W - Dual Charger

This is a USB-C (18W) and USB-A (12W) charger. This is what I’ve given both my kids for their travel bags and it meets all their needs.

The Anker PowerPoint PD 2 is 100g

Anker Atom PD1 - 30W USB-C

This is a very small, very good and very simple USB-C charger. At 55g it’s lighter than Apple’s 18W charger and charges faster. In fact it’s also lighter than Apple’s 30W charger by 50%, however, the prongs to not fold in making it a bit awkward.

The Anker PD1 is a light 55g

Apple 30W USB-C

This is a very basic, very good and very simple USB-C charger. It’s the standard adapter with many of the lower end Apple MacBooks.

It’s not the smallest you can get, however, it supports Apple’s awesome Apple World Travel Adapter Kit which is a godsend for traveling and not having your adapter fall out of the wall while you are sleeping ruining the next day.

The Apple 30W charger is a reasonable 106g

Apple 18W USB-C

This is the newest Apple Adapter and comes with newer iPads. It’s fairly small and basic but doesn’t support the World Traveler Kit above.

I have tested the following charges Google Pixel 3, Nintendo Switch, iPhone Xs Max and they all charge at 18W.

The Apple 18W charger weighs 61g


mophie powerstation PD - 6,000 mAh USB-C battery - This is the best small battery you can get. It charges up to 18W when using a USB-C to Lightning cable which means your iPhone will fill up fast. The most important thing when my iPhone is dying is that I can charge it fast. Under 30 min target.

The mophie is a light 150g.

Anker PowerCore 13400 - More than double the capacity of the mophie in a compact package. I don’t usually travel with this any more since I can fast charge above with a combination of charger and battery. The Anker is 260g.


BETOP Surface Connect to USB-C Charging dongle - This thing is awesome. It connects to an end of a USB-C cable and attaches magnetically to your Surface.

Anker Powerline II 3-in-1 Cable - fantastic USB-A to USB-C, Micro-USB and Lighting connector. High quality cable.

Apple USB-C to Lightning Cable and Apple USB-C cable - the gold standard. Get lots of these. You can get other cables from companies like Anker but I love the Apple cables.

USB C to Micro USB Adapter - this come in handy to convert USB-C to Micro USB. I attach them using the cozy adapter.

I love these Cozy adapters to attach converters to your cables.