Peak Design Travel Line - Wash and Tech Pouch

I’ve written before about my love for Peak Designs bags and products. My current Peak Design bag lineup includes

Black 5L Sling - this is what I use when I’m shooting with my Leica camera or as an accessory bag for flying and family vacations to store a water bottle, battery.

Black 10L Sling - large enough for my MacBook, camera, 2 lenses I travel a lot with this bag.

Black Everyday Backpack 20L - this is for trips where I’m bringing most (but not all) of my camera gear, one or two laptops, headphones, Nintendo etc

Peak recently launched a new “travel” line that starts with the Travel Backpack 45L. This is an incredible bag but it’s large and designed as a primary bag for travel OR a back that I use for photography trips where I am bringing 2 bodies, 4-5 lenses, iPad, and all the necessities for a flight.

It also was launched with a number of travel accessories - that are quite awesome.


This review is about two of their accessories - the Tech Pouch and the Wash Pouch

Tech Pouch

This bag is so thoughtfully designed and can swallow a lot of power bricks, cables, SD cards, dongles and also pack rather compact and compressible.


The tech pouch is designed to sit flat on a table and open up like an accordion. It keeps everything in its place.


I have stuffed this thing full with everything I could think of and placed in my Peak Everyday 20L bag for a recent trip, I’ve also checked it in my luggage and it keeps everything tidy and organized.

Wash Pouch

The Wash Pouch is similar to the Tech Pouch but for all your toiletries. It’s a marvelous bag with even more features. I think I love this even more.


The best features of this bag are that it can sit on the counter or hang from a hook or towel rack. It has dedicated areas for tooth brush and razor as well as hidden pockets.


I love how it keeps the mess of your toiletry bag in check.

You can see how the bag nicely sits on the sink

You can see how the bag nicely sits on the sink

You can also hang the bag with a nice metal hook.

You can also hang the bag with a nice metal hook.