Miele Vacuums

Every household has a Vacuum cleaner and the other day my sister asked me what kind to get to replace her Dyson. I love Dyson products, but after reading this Wirecutter article last year I replaced our Dyson with a Miele Vacuum Cleaner.

I always thought “bagless” was better but have since decided it’s not. The Miele has a Hepa filter meaning it is putting filtered air back into your house and trapping 100% of muck in a bag that you only need to empty or replace every few months (no pets). We have had ours for over a year now and are using the same original box of 4 bags that came with it.

Wirecutter recommend the Compact C2 Electro+ which is really nice and is priced well and similar to Dyson. Miele makes many many other models and the main differences are the features (such as attachments) and other bells and whistles - but pretty much they all have the same mechanism.


I ended up getting the top of the line Complete C3 Brilliant PowerLine.


How did I decide this? I went to the Miele showroom in Bellevue (which is awesome) and test drive many of them and spoke to a really nice knowledgable Miele employee who showed them all to me and explained them all.

I don’t know how else to say this - it’s fun to use this thing. It’s a marvel of german engineering and has incredible performance and features.

Miele products are truly fantastic and I highly recommend you consider them for your next Vacuum cleaner (and Dishwasher!!!).

For quick cleanup though I do love the Dyson Battery Powered cleaners.