Blunt Umbrellas

I always ask myself - “does this spark joy” - if you read or follow Marie Kondo then you know this is core to her philosophy.

I try and apply this to most of what I own - including - yes - my umbrellas. Up till now I generally did not think of them and when I did, disliked them. As such I looked to my friend Kelsi who loves her Blunt Umbrella and decided to replace our mismatch of umbrellas.

Blunt umbrellas are quite cool. They are not built like a regular umbrella. They come in many shapes and sizes.

They are the “Away Luggage” of the Umbrella world.

We chose to get some of the Metro umbrellas as well as the Classic umbrellas. I’m thinking about two of the golf umbrellas for attending to the kid’s soccer games in the fall and spring.


Some of the features you’ll find in the Blunt Umbrellas

  • No more spikes - those eye poking parts of every umbrella you have ever seen are not to be found

  • Great design - they look great and come in awesome colors

  • Wind resistant - works up to 55mph

This is a really well engineered product.

Do you need to spend this much on an umbrella? Nope. Will it spark joy? Possibly.