Merino Wool Shirts

I’m currently in South East Asia and wanted to travel light for this trip. As such I was on the look out for some merino wool shirts. I have brought two brands with me that I am enjoying and I thought I would write about my experience.

Over the past few years you’ve probably noticed more and more merino wool products. Merino has many qualities that make it perfect for travel (or really every day usage).

  • Works in any temperature - Merino works well in both cold and warm weather
  • Odor resistant - Merino wool can usually be worn for days without any odor occumulation
  • Quick drying - Merino wool dryes quickly
  • Wrinkles - wrinkles don’t form

I've been trying them both out on this trip. They both clock in around the same price - $65-$68 a shirt. 

Proof Crew Neck shirts from Huckberry

This shirt is made from 16.5 micron New Zealand Wool and Nylon blend.


 Unbound Crew Neck Shirt

This shirt is made from 100% 17.5 micron New Zealand Wool.  They are about to launch a Women’s line too. 


You don’t need very many of these as a few shirts can be worn for days. They also pack light.

I personally like the Proof shirts more. They are just a bit thinner and have a nice drape to them. They have a bit of nylon blended into the shirt which allows the shirt to be washed and dried (I don't recommend - just hang dry as it’s fast drying). 

I have the black, blue and grey and the colors are just what I was looking for. 

The shirt can be worn as a layer but can also be dressed up. 

Here is me in the proof shirt in medium in black