Heath Ceramics

2 years ago, we replaced all our Dinnerware with products from Heath Ceramics. After more than 10 years with our previous dinnerware we wanted a product that would last a long time and was incredibly durable.

Heath Ceramics has been making Dinnerware since 1948. Some of their pieces will be found in many restaurants around the country. Their products are hand made.

If you have a chance to visit their store in the Ferry Building in San Francisco, or their showroom in the Mission - it’s well worth it.


We decided to go with their Coupe line for plates and mugs which dates back to the 1940s.


These products are very durable. We have dropped ours and in 2 years not a single chip anywhere.

We chose the Dinner, Salad Plate, small bowls for cereal and ice cream and mugs from this line.

We really like pasta bowls that are larger and can also be used for other dishes. For his we went with the Chez Panisse line Soup Bowl

For serving we have a few different pieces from the Serveware collection

The Vegetable bowl is fantastic for Pho - we have two of these for myself and Lora.


The Large Covered Serving Dish is great for rice.


The Shallow Salad Bowl is stunning


These are amazing pieces that work for daily meals and also dress up well for formal occasions. There are so many great products on their web site. We are huge fans.