Beyond Coastal Sunscreen

It's almost that time of year.... in Seattle it feels like maybe we will skip spring and go straight to summer? 

If you have kids, you know that summer is filled with creamy white sunscreen applications each morning before the kids go to camp, the beach, or whatever along with re-application. Having sunburnt kiddos is no fun.

Two years ago I wrote an article on my favorite sunscreen: Beyond Coastal.

I explained my reasons for why I chose a chemical sunscreen over a mineral one. After years of trying mineral sunscreen I was done. I could not stand how the products felt, were applied, and how they stained my cars, furniture and everything else. I also found a lot of variability in preventing burns and questionable science that mineral is actually, in balance, better.

When I have questions about cosmetic products, I usually turn to the Environmental Working Group. They do an OK job of giving you a view on how many cosmetic products stack up. In their mind, Beyond Coastal is one of the best chemical sunscreens out there and I have been a happy customer for 2 years.


Exciting development for this year is that they have a new product, the 8oz airless pump.

My only real complaint with their product before was that the traditional toothpaste tube for their 4oz could get messy.

I ordered the 8oz product direct from their website. 3 tubes should last the first part of the summer.

Amazon has done a good job stocking their 4oz, 2.5oz (good for travel) and face stick.

For many people, mineral sunscreen will still be the way to go because of what they understand about the risks of chemical sunscreen. For our family, we are really happy with Beyond Coastal and will continue to lather our children (and ourselves) with this product.

If you want to read more, I recommend "Don’t Let the Internet Scare You About Sunscreen"