Quip Electric Toothbrush

Since I can remember, I have used some form of electric toothbrush. In the late 90s it was the Oral-B (the brush head that turns) and later the Philips Sonicare. I've been using the Sonicare for probably 15 years.

These tooth brushes come in a dizzying array of options. It's like buying a washer/dryer. And of course, there are always the Costco double pack / special editions.

Lately I've been seeing ads for a new Toothbrush called the Quip and I decided to try one out. The quip is a fairly in-expensive option compared to the ones mentioned so far. They start at $25 for a plastic one or $40 for metal.

The Quip is powered by a AAA battery and lasts 3 months. It's very small, and comes with a great travel head that doubles as a stand that you can attach to walls or mirrors. 

Here is the Quip in my bathroom.

Here is the Quip in my bathroom.

The Quip is also a subscription product. For $20/year you get 4 shipments of tooth brush heads and batteries.

Here is a video showing how easy it is to replace the battery and brush head.

This is all music to my ears as it means all 4 of us in the family can have great toothbrushes with a subscription plan to replace all the heads and batteries. These toothbrushes are also great travel brushes.

So let's recap

  • It's inexpensive compared to all other electric toothbrushes
  • It lasts 3 months and there is no charger
  • It's very slim (comparable to a normal toothbrush)
  • It attaches to walls and mirrors
  • It has a travel cap
  • For $20/year you get a supply for brush heads and battery that get automatically sent to you

They also make Toothpaste and package their tooth brushes in kits. You should buy what makes sense for your family.

In our case where we settled was:

  • 2x metal brushes
  • 2x plastic brushes for kids
  • 4x refills
  • 2x extra travel cases

If you are a family of 4 they have a set that is pretty close to what we ended up with. They also have an electric couple set etc.

A quick note on toothpaste. I have an issue with cavities. For the past 5 years (on recommendation) from my Dentist, I have been brushing with a perscription toothpaste called Clinpro 5000 made by 3M.

It's got the max amount of fluoride you can have in toothpaste. Much more than the stuff at the pharmacy or grocery store. Since using this I have not had a new cavity in 5 years, which is pretty amazing for me.

To get $5 your Quip, use this link. Disclaimer: I'll also get a $5 credit for refills.