Peak Design Every Day Bags

I have never found a camera bag system I loved more than the bags made by Peak Designs.

Peak Designs got their start on Kickstarter a few years ago, and have run some of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns. They are a fantastic company that makes truly exceptional camera products. This article does a great job going into their successful history and what makes them tick.

Their 2016 bag line up

Their 2016 bag line up

I currently own 3 Peak Design bags (in total I have owned 4). They are:

Previously I owned their first Messenger bag but have since sold it and replaced with the Backpack and Sling.

They also make the Everyday Backpack in a smaller size (20L) and an Everyday Tote that is more geared towards women (and I haven't seen or used). Totes aren't my thing.

The Everyday Backpack

This bag can carry all my camera gear and more with plenty of space. I recently took it on a international trip as my main carry on and it held everything:

  • Two camera bodies (Sony A7RII and Leica Q)
  • Lenses: 18mm, 85mm, 35mm, 55mm (with room for 1 more such as a 24-70mm)
  • iPad 9.7
  • MacBook
  • Headphones, Pillow, Eye mask, Chargers, Cables
  • Batteries
  • Water Bottle
  • Passports (4)
  • Sun glasses

The bag has so many thoughtful details. It can be organized in an number of ways across all their bag lines using the origami dividers. The bag has access from both sides, this makes it easy to say keep your bodies on one side and lenses on the other.

The only difference between the 30L and the 20L is how much you can carry.

If you plan to get a bag to use for work every day and also for light camera work, get the 20L. it's much more compact. If you are small framed get the 20L. If you are tall (6 feet or more) get the 30L.

Here is a handy chart of how much each can carry

I didn't even get close to filling up my bag on my last trip.

I didn't even get close to filling up my bag on my last trip.

The 20L bag still holds a ton

The 20L bag still holds a ton

If you are the kind of person that goes on trips and needs to bring all your gear, this is a fantastic bag.

Some other nice features:

  • Grab handle on all 3 sides (top, and sides)
  • Pass through slot to place over roller suitcases handles
  • 2 large water bottle holders (one can be used for a tripod)
  • Straps hidden in bag to attach more stuff
  • Large top pocket expansion creating 8L of storage

In fact, you should watch this (long) video that goes into great detail about the bag.


The Everyday Sling

This is actually my favorite bag for so many reasons.

  1. It's tiny. I mean it is very very compact
  2. Yet it swallows so much
  3. It can be flattened and packed in a  suitcase so you can have a smaller day camera bag on trips

It has many of the same features of the Backpack

I am most impressed by this bag. It can hold the following

  • A camera body
  • 2 lenses (or 1 lens and other stuff)
  • A MacBook
  • An iPad
  • Headphones
  • Sunglasses

It's incredibly comfortable and versatile. Like any good bag it has a fantastic grab handle.

It sits very comfortably on your back or shoulder. I think if you got one thing of theirs it would be this.

Like the backpack there is an in-depth video

The Field Pouch

On my last trip I was simply crushed by all the little gizmos I need access too on the plane, and lost my AirPods. I need better organization. What I want to do is get on the plane, take out a small bag and stow my large bag in the overhead. For this reason I recently picked up the Field Pouch to carry

  • AirPods
  • Bose QC 20 noise cancelling headphones
  • Charger for iPhone / iPad
  • Passports
  • Hand cream and lip balm
  • Cables
  • Phone
  • Flashlight

The field pouch either teathers or fits into the top of the Everyday bags.

The field pouch can also double as a mini camera bag with any of the Peak Design straps

Other Bags

I mentioned I used to have the original Messenger bag. I sold this when I got the sling and Backpack. I found the messenger back a bit stiff. If Messenger bags are your thing, by all means check it out.

And then there is also the Everyday Tote

It looks like an awesome bag and could work really well as a great diaper bag too. Check out how much it can hold


You can get all these items directly from Peak Designs. They ship fast and shipping is free.

I've also included some Amazon links where possible (inventory is limited)

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