Aura Digital Frame

Finally, a Digital Picture Frame that you would want all over your house.

I remember when Digital Frames first came out. Everyone thought our houses would be filled with these things. However, after the first batch of frames, they all devolved to cheap pieces of junk, made from left over LCD parts and generally low resolution and aspect ratios that didn't match your photos.

Remember the Philips Digital Frame?

Remember the Philips Digital Frame?

These first generation frames also made it difficult to update photos. Often you had to use a physical memory card and as such the photos never changed.

This past year, while shopping at the b8ta store in Seattle (basically an OmarKnows retail store) I stumbled upon the Aura Frame

This is a beautiful high resolution frame. Pictures look stunning. The screen is basically an iPad 9.7 inch display (retina resolution - 2048 × 1536). It's the same aspect ratio as most digital cameras (4:3).

Beyond the amazing hardware, the frame has a number of nice touches. Getting photos on the frame happens via their iOS app. You can send photos to any frame anywhere in the world (great for your parents to get updated photos of the kiddos). There is no subscription at all.

The app has a mode where it will identify and pick photos from your camera roll for you. I chose to manually select photos.

The Aura has no buttons. The photos update in a very subtle way (not via a dumb slide show mode). The screen dims and lightens as it detects people in the room.

In the future it will be possible to string multiple Aura frames together. I look forward to this. 

The frame is on the expensive side at $399 but Aura frequently has 20% off deals, so I would wait for one of those. That is how I got mine (it was a 2016 Opra pick).


OmarKnows Rating: Recommended