This is the last post of the year for OmarKnows and I thought I would end the year with something you should all consider for 2018 if you have not done so already and that is securing all your accounts with strong passwords - and also organizing all the important information for your family (bank accounts, passport info, etc).

A few years ago I did a comparison of password managers and chose 1Password. Since then the 1Password team has been busy adding new features. The most significant is their own cloud and Family Plans which makes it easy to setup and use but also share among family members.

I have been a happy subscriber of 1Password for Families. I use it on Windows, Mac, iOS and so does Lora. Eventually the kids will as well.

It's a beautiful app. 

Our Password "vault" - think of as logical folders to store different types of passwords can have different sharing rights. As such we have:

  • Personal - Omar - this is for my personal logins that I don't need to share with anyone
  • Work - Omar - this is for any work related passwords that I need to use for various services like my work Amex etc.
  • Personal - Lora - for Lora's personal logins that I don't need access to
  • Shared - this is for things like Passports, Driver Licenses, Software Serial Numbers, Netflix account etc.
  • Omar & Lora - this is for shared financial data, important logins such as email accounts etc, all our bank accounts, credit cards, etc
  • Archive - once a year I clean out old logins and put them in here.

1Password is now offered in subscription form. You can license for 1 person or a family. It's $5/month for families and $3/month for 1 person.

I am actually not paying for it any more since it comes bundled with my eero plus plan which costs me $10/month and with that I also get some other cool features and VPN software for encrypting my wifi connections (another best practice). PS - get eero.

1Password has a lot of nifty features such as two factor authentication support which means I can use two factor authentication and auto fill it from any mobile device or browser. They keep the app updates all the time adding new features.

In the past one of the biggest issues with 1Password was their poor Windows app and lack of Edge support. But as of late, both issues are addressed with a brand new Windows app and Edge extension.

So there you have it. Take control of your passwords in 2018.