Omar's Finds Jan 8: 11 Finds


01 Geography: This map of the United States looks pretty cool. Took 2 years to make.

02 Declutter: I recently had some old newsletters and magazines scanned by Blue Leaf Book scanning. They did such an amazing job, I'm now planning to send them all my high school and college yearbooks to scan so I can throw them away. They scan all sorts of stuff and send you PDFs.

03 iPhoneYour next iPhone won't have a headphone port and I say good riddance. I love that Apple is constantly challenging the status quo, including everything they didn't invent. The 3.5mm headphone port has served its purpose and it's time to move on. 

04 Home Automation: A HomeKit enabled Safe? Color me interested.

05 iPhone: The #1 camera in the world is the iPhone. It's no wonder that companies are falling over themselves to make lenses and camera accessories for the iPhone.

06 Home Automation: The Insteon integration with Sonos looks really cool. Unfortunately I don't use Insteaon and never will. I hope Sonos integrates with other products like Wink and Amazon Echo.

07 Apple Watch: Looks like Apple is going to be making more black Apple Watch bands.

08 Home Automation: Kwikset announced it's second generation smart lock. This one looks promising. The first generation lock was junk.

09 Guns: Given the number of guns owned by Americans, I expect products like this biometric gun safety are going to be a lot more common place.

10 iPad: Finally, a pencil holder for the iPad Pro.

The Real World

11 Star Wars: Enjoy this hilarious back and forth on Twitter between @Emo Kylo Ren and @Very Lonely Luke