Omar's Finds Jan 5: 17 Finds


01 Restaurants: This weekend Lora and I dined at Bateau, a new twist on a Steakhouse in Seattle. It was wonderful.

02 Cooking: Cook’s Illustrated rated California Olive Ranch Everyday Extra Virgin Olive Oil the best. Up till now we have been using their second pick, Luccini Premium Select Extra Virgin Olive Oil which is sold by AmazonFresh and Whole Foods.

03 Cooking: How do you know a baked potato is done? Use a thermometer to check the core. Should be 205 degrees. Cook at 450 degrees for 45 to 60 min. Oil skin a few min before done. Hopefully you have picked up one of these Thermapens.

04 Productivity: I fulfilled my threat to dump Evernote this year. I used the Evernote2OneNote tool to migrate all notes. Was easy. And just like that life is simpler. And there is a new vacancy slot on my iPhone screen.

05 Tesla: Today my Tesla was serviced for the first time. They needed to replace my driver's seat since it developed a ticking sound while driving due to a defect in the seat rivets. When the car was done they drove it to my Office. That is a first for me. 

06 Books: Marie Kondo, who wrote the life changing book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, just published Spark Joy.I got my copy today.

07 Books: My buddies at Amazon just shipped a new embed feature for Kindle books. Look up and you will see it in action for Spark Joy.

Consumer Electronics Show

08 Home: New app based thermometer from Wiithings, the company that makes our digital scale.

09 Computers: This USB-C external SSD hard drive from Samsung looks like a nice companion to a MacBook 12

10 Tech: The Verge has a new newsletter. Trying it out.

11 Home: Ring, the company that makes my awesome doorbell announced an outdoor video camera. Dropcam Google are you paying attention?

12 Wearables: FitBit clones the Apple watch. Here is the thing. No watch will ever work better with an iPhone than an Apple Watch.

13 Music: This Sony PS-HX500 Turntable is gorgeous.

14 Cameras: Olympus announced an update to their awesome waterproof and shockproof camera with underwater selfie mode. Our daughter has the TG-860 and it’s a great starter camera for a kid.

15 Cameras: Nikon announced the D5. The largest 35mm DSLR I’ve ever seen. ISO 3.2 million.

Real World

16 Science: 4 new elements added to the periodic table. Cool tidbit, my wife wrote her phone number on my periodic table in Chemistry 101 at Georgetown freshman year.

17 Google: Does your kid’s school use Google Docs? Big Brother is watching.