Supermechanical Range Smart Thermometer

I've never used a cooking thermometer that I didn't think was junk. And I use them infrequently enough that when I do use one, I can never figure out how to work the thing (or more often it's out of batteries). The instant read thermometers are the best, but they don't work for all situations. Enter the Supermechanical Range Thermostat (a Kickstarter project I backed)

What is it?

71MlFENb0pL._SL1500_The Range ($69.95 pre-order from Amazon) is a cooking / grilling thermometer that you use with an iOS app. It's super cool. You just plug into your iPhone or iPad, set the desired tempurature (they have presets) and you can watch the temp change over time on their handy graph.

They also have an alert system so that if you have two iOS device (iPad / iPhone) you can walk away from the oven or grill and get alerts on your phone.

Why did you get it?

Why not? I mean it's a freaking thermometer that has an app! This is the future after all! Honestly, it looked like a neat project and I felt like supporting them.

How has it made your life better?

Well I got rid of my horrible thermomoter and replaced with this. No manual, batteries to worry about or anything like that. My wife or I can just plug it in and launch the app and we're good to go.

Are you going to keep it?

Hell yes. Not sure what I will do if I switch over to using Android for a while (I switch phones every few months so I can live the experience completely).


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