Surface RT 6 months later

I'm on a cross country flight to Boston to meet with some Microsoft folks and I've only brought my Surface RT, a Kindle and my phone. It sure beats carrying a laptop with a brick and dealing with TSA security theater (can't wait to get TSA Pre which I should have this summer so I can keep my shoes on).
Which reminds me. I pretty much don't need a laptop any more. I have one, that I use once a week for a meeting where I have to present. I use my laptop because the conference rooms at Microsoft don't deal well with non VGA sources and I don't like carrying around a dongle to project. Wireless presentation can't happen soon enough.
Since getting the surface I've found I can more than get by both at work, on trips, vacations and around the house.
I've switched from the touch cover to the type cover. I loved the idea of the touch cover but I can type so dammed fast on the type cover I've just dealt with the extra thickness and lack of color.
I do have a desktop that I use at home and at work, and for a few desktop apps I just run them as RemoteApps on my Surface RT.
All in all it's been a great 6 months. The weight, keyboard and productivity capabilities make it more than adequate for a "take it everywhere and anywhere" kind of device.