Dear iPhone... you are fired.

Over the past 2 and a half years you have had a profound impact on my life. I took you everywhere, photographed and took videos of my daughter growing up... you provided countless hours of entertainment, kept me connected to my office, my friends and family, and let me consume news and media on the go. You were there when my son was born, you traveled the world with me, and let me find things effortlessly.

However, I have grown tired of you. As an enterprise device, you have completely failed. Each update of iOS brings more problems with Exchange support. You fundamentally don't understand what it means to talk to an Exchange server since your programmers don't use Exchange for their jobs. I put up with months of email hangs, years of poorly formated emails, calendar appointments went missing from my calendar, and you still don't understand that it's important when you look someone up in the corporate directory that you show their office location. After 2 years of this, I'm convinced you'll never figure this out. I put up with it though because you were the best lifestyle phone around.

Sure, I'll miss you. But I'll get over it. You're a mature operating system with amazing hardware design. However, I won't miss the fact that your proximity sensor still doesn't work and I can't reliably make phone calls. But I will miss your glass and metal  hardware... I no longer go to the App store and feel that giddy feeling when there are new updates to my apps. Rather, it feels like all the applications these days are focused on fixing bugs and dealing with testing software across numerous versions and hardware. And now, I have practically every app I want or need. You might have 300,000 apps in your app store, but I rely on a dozen.

To be honest, I wasn't sure I could do this. But I really appreciate and like the fresh approach my Windows Phone 7 offers around, notifications, a back button, a dedicated camera button I can use when the phone is locked, contact management, social feed integration, and edge to edge fluid design for my music and pictures on facebook and Windows Live. You should really check it out. For one thing, a lot of the applications that exist on the iPhone actually look and feel better on Windows Phone. And the soft keyboard is a dream!

Anyways, it's been real.


PS - You should think about ditching iTunes, it's really holding you back.