Secrid Wallet

A few weeks ago I picked up a new wallet. It seemed to hit on all the things I was interested in.

  • Minimalist
  • Holds 6-8 cards
  • No RFID protection for 1-2 cards (for my Microsoft RFID badge or hotel room key) 
  • Quick access to daily use credit card and driver license  (two things I don’t seem to need at all when paying anywhere but the US as I use Apple Pay)
  • Space for a few bills of cash

Now that I am in Europe I am seeing these wallets sold in many stores.  They are made by Secrid a Dutch company. The wallets come in many styes which you can read about on their web site.

I picked up the Slimwallet In Matte Black


When the wallet is open you can see the storage for bills and a few cards that are not RFID protected. The wallet is attached to a card case with a lever. 


When you pull the lever the 5-6 cards slide out making it easy to grab one of them. In this card slot they are RFID protected. 


I’ve been using the wallet for a few months now and really like the features and design. 

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