Black and Decker Tire Inflator

Every household should have a battery powered tire inflator. In our house we have some cars, some bikes, sports balls, pool toys. They all need air.

I recently purchased the Black and Decker 20V Lithium Cordless Multi Purpose Inflator.



There is a lot to like about this product.

  1. It uses standard 20V Lithium batteries that, which can be removed and inserted. They can be purchased cheap if you get third party brands from Amazon or your local hardware store.
  2. It also supports AC and DC power
  3. It will fill a car or bike tire, but also pool toys
  4. It's light and portable
  5. It has an easy to use PSI gauge - you set the desired PSI and auto shut off.

The item does not come with a battery or charger so I'd recommend the following (if you do no already have Black and Decker tools).

Note: it's cheaper to buy a drill and impact driver kit than stand alone chargers and batteries. Go figure. This is what I did. These are not the nicest / highest quality drills but for small household work they are just fine and it's nice to have one battery system for both.