Oura Ring

I’ve had an Oura ring for over two years now - it’s become an integral part of my sleep routine. Lora and I wear it each night and it captures a large amount of sleep data.


For the last few years I’ve gotten pretty curious about why I have such a hard time waking up in the morning. It was pretty quick for me to tell once I started wearing it and comparing my sleep data to the “norm” and Lora’s sleep data - the answer - for reasons I don’t understand I get very little ‘deep sleep’. This is the kind of sleep your body needs to feel rejuvenated. 80% of my sleep is REM sleep - I get plenty of sleep (about 7-8 hours a night) but not the kind that would have me waking up ready to go. Lora on the other hand gets 1-2 hours of deep sleep.

Their iPhone app is full of amazing insight into your body while it slumbers on for hours.

All this data is also saved to the Apple Health App - which is cool - decades from now I’l have this amazing trove of at a about my body. I suspect AI will be able to use this data to help keep me healthy with more insights around the data.


The Oura ring is a stunningly nice product. The second generation is a huge improvement over the first generation. I placed it on my holiday picks for 2018.

I know a lot of people that wear it all day long - and the battery lasts a few days and has a nice charger - it charges quickly!

If you plan to get a ring, make sure to get the sizing kit first.

Also, Oura gave me a coupon code to offer to 4 people that gets you $75 / 75€ off a ring. I only have 4 of these so contact me if you are interested in this discount.