LeakSMART - auto water shutoff for your home

I’ve been doing research for a while on getting a whole home water shutoff solution. I previously wrote about the solution I use for the washing machines. I have a 2nd floor washer and this is one of the things that can really mess with your house given washing machine hoses only last a few years and are under high pressure. I’m paranoid about water leaks and water damage when I’m away from home. I’ve always been in the habit of shutting off the main water supply to my house whenever we are gone for more than a day but I was looking for something more automated that I could do from anywhere. 

That is when I discovered the LeakSMART. You need to get a version that matches the size of your water supply. In my case I have 1 1/4 inch water supply and LeakSMART did not have a solution till recently. Once it came out I purchased it and scheduled a plumber to install. Well that happened a few weeks ago and so far this has perfectly met my expectations. 


In addition to manual on/off and on/off from my phone, the LeakSMART supports sensors and you can have 30 installed in your house. These wireless sensors detect the presence of water and then tell the LeakSMART to turn off the water supply. 


The iOS app is very simple to use. The LeakSMART also works with Wink and some other smart home integration products. I am personally just sticking with their app and hub.


As you can see here, my Valve is currently closed. I have one sensor right now and need to get more. This sensor is in the water heater room, and is set to auto shutoff when it detects water. 

I’m pretty happy with this latest addition to my smart home

Note: your insurance company may offer you a premium discount for having something like this installed. Mine does.

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