Topo Designs Backpacks

I've been looking for a great backpack for my daughter for a while now. My friend Kelsi turned me on to two backpack companies: Topo Designs and GoRuck.

There are a lot of really good made in America packs these days from Tom Bihn and GoRuck. In fact my son has the perfect backpack, a kid's GoRuck that unfortunately is not in stock till 2018. It is a great size for Kindergarten age kids, and doesn't have that giant look to it. He has the 13L pack in gray and red.

Topo Designs is a Colorado company and make their bags by hand. I picked up two bags from them and they are a huge hit with me and my kiddo.


The first is the DAYPACK. This is the perfect bag for an older elementary school kid or a middle schooler. It has the critical water bottle holder our kids insist on, comes in fun colors, and is taller than most packs which my daughter loves.

The water bottle holder in this case happens to have our favorite MiiR water bottle in there.

The interior has nice organizational pockets and is made in a bright color that makes identifying stuff easy.

We got my daughter the pack in red and she loves it. It comes in some great colors.

Trip Pack

The other bag they make, that I picked up for myself is the Trip Pack. Originally I got this as a small travel bag I can take with me on trips, but it's proven to be a fantastic work backpack too. I now use this to carry my Surface Pro 4, MacBook and iPad to work along with my various assortment of dongles.

It comes in black and looks great. The grab handles on top are important to me.

Overall, really great products. Be sure to check out their website and explore.