ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide

For Christmas, I got a Joule Sous Vide tool made by local Seattle ChefSteps. I know absolutely nothing about Sous Vide, other than, I've had terrific Sous Vide prepared meats at many local Seattle restaurants. I also read a review by Serious Eats on the Joule, and they are big fans.

A few weeks ago I went from novice, to master sous vide cook. It was pretty darned easy. The end result were some of the best steaks I've ever had. I just followed the instructions in the Joule iOS app (and got some damn good meat from Rain Shadow Meat.

Below is a walk through of what it's like cooking two massive Cote de Boeuf (2lbs each, 2 inches thick) steaks. If you have ever cooked beasts like this, it can take a long time and produce poor results without the right equipment.

Step 1: Put water into a container and plug in the Joule

You can use any container. Joule likes steel pans as it has a magnetic base. However, it also clips on to anything, in this case i'm using a commercial 18qt food prep plastic container. 

Step 2: Open the Joule iPhone app and tell it what you are cooking

The Joule will ask you if your meat is frozen or fresh, and how thick it is. Based on this it will pre-heat the bath and then tell you to add the steak.

One great benefit of the Joule is that you can take steak that is frozen right out of the freezer and the Joule will thaw and cook.

Step 3: Prepare the steak and insert into the bath

This part is really most of the "work". You follow the recipe which is outlined above. You take all of that stuff, and throw into a gallon zip lock bag.

Once you have done this, the Joule will tell you when it's ready for the bags.

Step 4: Insert the bag into the water bath


Now you wait 2 hours. These are huge steaks. A 1 inch steak for example will take 45 min.

When the steaks are done you'll get an alert.

Step 5: Take the steak out of the bag, prepare the skillet


I use my Blu Skillet Carbon Steel pan, get it very hot and add butter.

Step 5: After about 1 minute on each side, the steaks are done

And perfectly medium-rare inside

The Joule app has tons of recipes and you can Sous Vide so many things. I'm looking forward to expanding my skills.

Preparing food this way is great because:

  • It's consistent
  • It's easy
  • There is no oven pre-heating, grilling or anything else
  • You can be confident the entire meat, chicken or pork is cooked all the way through

OmarKnows Rating: Recommended