OneBlade CORE

It's nearly impossible to step away from the Gillette Razor machine. Even Dollar Shave Club is now owned by Gillette. I've been shaving with a Gillette razor since I started shaving. In that time I have tried a number of mechanical razors but never loved how it made me feel. I don't find it much of a time savings at all and prefer to have the same shave every day.

For the past few years I have been shaving with a Gillette Razor and custom handle and getting my blades from Amazon Prime, replacing them about once a week. A few weeks ago I saw an add for the OneBlade Core, which looked very intriguing. The quality and feel of this razor looked fantastic and I was also curious about shaving with a traditional single blade.

I have to say. I am floored by this razor. For background OneBlade started out with an exceedingly expensive stainless steel handle called the Genesis. It costs $400.

The OneBlade Genesis

The OneBlade Genesis

They then brought to market the Core which is plastic and steel and that brought the cost down to $50.


What makes both special are that they use the Feather FHS-10 single edge blades. You replace the blade every shave or every other shave. I am doing this ever other shave for now. You can also get them from amazon.

Feather Japanese Blades

Feather Japanese Blades

I would recommend getting the disposal case as well for the blades.

Finally they make a sweet leather case. It's made from famed Horween leather in Chicago.

In terms of shaving cream, I am a huge fan of Welda shaving cream. Thanks Kelsi for the recommendation. It's simple. I don't use any pre or post shave products. This is also great for traveling. It's not messy at all and has a nice metal tube. I would get one of these keys to get all the cream out of the tube.

I am really enjoying the razor. It looks great in my bathroom. I love having a clean shave each time with a fresh blade. 


Note: safety razor blades are not allowed in carry on luggage per the TSA.