Joseph Joseph TriScale Compact Folding Digital Scale

As I write this on Vashon Island I am enjoying a great cup of coffee. If you have read my post on how I make coffee, you'll know that I like pour over and when traveling will take a Hario V60 cone withs some paper filters. On this trip I brought a Chemex 6 cup pour over to satisfy the coffee needs of 3 people. I greatly prefer pour over than french press for producting a cleaner, less gritty cup with easier clean up (just toss the filter and grounds into the compost or trash).


The key part of any pour over system is a digital scale. This is because a pour over uses very simple weight measurements to dose the right amount of coffee and water. 

The math is very simple. 55g of coffee for every 1000g of water (or 1000ml of water since water volume and weight in metric is the same). You do all the measurement on the scale itself (tare the unit with Chemex and filter, then add / weight coffe, tare again, then add water.

So for 3 cups of coffee, I will use 50g of coffee and 900ml of water in the Chemex 6-cup, or half of that if I just want one large cup for me. 

Recenly I purchased a great little travel scale, the Joseph Joseph TriScale


It's a wonderful little scale. It folds up very compact, and folds out to hold the Chemex 6-cup or a single mug. 


For camping I also picked up this great little kettle, the LevelOne Collapsible Silicone Outdoor Camping Kettle.


Which brings me to camping. This is a great setup for whatever kind of glamping you do.  

The end result is awesome. 



Great. Worth purchasing.