The Knapp Made Chainmail Scrubber

One of the things I love about my Cook's Illustrated Magazine Subscription are the product reviews and recommendations. This past month, they reviewed a really interesting product: a Chainmail Scrubber.


If you own any cast iron, carbon steel, or other stainless steel pans, you've probably experienced some frustrating times cleaning them. For cast iron and carbon steel, you actually really want to avoid scouring, soap and other harsh cleaning techniques. That's so that you can build up a real nice seasoning / patina which acts as a natural non-stick.

If you read my review on Blu Skillet Pans, and are lucky enough to have gotten one, this product is a must have for cleaning some of the gunk you may get on your pan (for example, cooking hamburgers). note: if you still want to get a Blu Skillet Pan, I recommend getting on their mailing list and watching out for local events where they will often be selling pans at their workshop. If you live outside of Seattle, it will be pretty tough to get one. Sorry!

The chainmail scrubber is a really neat product, and so simple. It's fantastic for cleaning up eggs and other sticky products like rice and lasagna. It takes very little effort and doesn't require any cleaning products.

You can read the full Cook's Illustrated review.

Exceptional. A spectacular product.