Casper Pillow - 5 stars

My pillows are over 10 years old. The thought of replacing them was stressing me out. All the research…. how to chose… where to buy… will I be happy?

I’m a pretty finicky sleeper when it comes to pillows. You are going to spend a third of your life in bed so it’s worth having a good mattress, mattress protector, comforter, sheets and a pillow.

I’ve written before about wool comforters (duvet), and 2 years later we are still thrilled with ours. Wool is amazing. Not once have we sweat or been hot or cold. Wool regulates temperature much better than down.

For our mattress (we just replaced ours last year) we opted for a hybrid latex form and coil spring from Room and Board. This mattress is an american made product comprised of a layer of organic cotton, New Zealand Wool, organic latex, and encased coil. It’s an incredible mattress.

For our sheets, we have 600 thread count sateen Egyptian Cotton in simple colors. We opted for the sateen weave, which is less prone to wrinkle. It softens a great deal over time. 

That leaves the pillows. Our current pillows are down. I’m a side sleeper and so I have two. I have never found a synthetic pillow that was a comfortable and restful as my current pillows, but I’ve known for a long time that I need to replace them due to my allergies. Synthetic pillows are desirable as they are easy to wash, and better for my health.

That’s when I came across the Casper pillow. Casper, a company famous for their mattress (which ships to you in a small box) started making a pillow recently. With a 100 day return policy and free shipping I decided to try it out and got 2.

It took 2 nights of sleep to go all in, and we replaced our entire set. I like them so much we are going to replace all the pillows in the house (kids and guest room). 

The pillow is like nothing else I’ve come across. It’s engineered not made. 


Since I’m a side sleeper, I found that I needed 2 to create the right height for my neck to be comfortable.

The pillow is $75 and well worth it in my opinion. Note if you have an American Express, you can qualify for $100 off $500 or more spent at Casper, but you need to register for this promotion before you purchase.


Exceptional. A spectacular product.