Mr Clean Magic Eraser - 5 stars

I was talking to a co-worker on Friday where I had the opportunity to mention the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. He looked at me funny and asked what it was. It reminded me that there are things I use, and I don't even think to write about them.


What is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser? It's a sponge of some sorts. You wet it and wipe it on walls, smudges, and pretty much anything. Sometimes you need to apply some elbow grease. The other day I was looking at our mud room wall. It was a mess from years of kids and people walking by with dirty hands and boots. I considered painting it again. But instead I grabbed the magic eraser and in about 3 minutes the wall looked brand new.

There really isn't much more to say. These things are cheap, and they work wonders for removing crayons, paint, pen, smudges and other stuff from walls and desks.

Word of Caution: I don't know what this product is made off, but it's abrasive. Rub too hard and you will remove paint or varnish. Go gently at first to figure out what it is good at. For me, it's 100% about spot cleaning walls of smudges from my kids and other stuff they knock into the walls. It's even removed 5 year old "drawing on the bathroom cabinets" fun.

Exceptional. A spectacular product.