Omar's Holiday Picks 2016

Like last year, I decided to write down some of my holiday picks for 2016. Many of the items from last year are still great gifts, so feel free to take a look at last year's list as well.

There a number of black friday specials to take advantage of. I have marked those as such.



I love my Sonos. If you don't have Sonos, get it. It's the best. Start with the adorable Play 1. and work your way up.

Black Friday Special - $50 off Play 1

Amazon Echo

Pick up a Dot or two or three for you or a friend!

Black Friday Special - $39.00 for a Dot


If you haven't heard, Apple is getting out of the Wifi business. Eero is the closest thing there is to what Apple offers, except better. A lot better. People love Eero. 

I got Eero for my parents and will be getting for my sister.

Black Friday Special - $100 off a 3 pack

Anker PowerCore+ Battery

This is the best portable battery I've ever used. It's a bit of  beast but will charge a MacBook in addition to any other device you throw at it. It's one of the only portable batteries with a 3A USB port.

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Peak Design Bags

If you know someone that loves photography and has some lenses they carry around, the Peak Design Bags are the best.

They recently had one of the most successful kickstarted projects and introduced 2 backpacks, a tote, and a sling in addition to their highly successful messenger bags. 

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MiiR Growlers, Bottles, Bags

A local Seattle company that makes Growlers that are awesome. They also make great water bottles and bags. They put together a great Holiday Gift Guide.

Black Friday Special - 50$ off a growler

Apple Watch Dock and Charger

I recently picked this up for travel. It makes a perfect bedside companion for your Apple Watch and 3 additional devices to charge (iPhone, iPad, Bose Headphones)

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Aukey Tiny USB Charger

I keep this in my work bag at all times with these Anker braided cables.

Automatic Pro Gold 3G

Fitbit for your car, now with 3G so you can track your car from anywhere, send crash alerts to loved ones and keep tabs on the car's health.

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Heath Ceramics

We love Heath Ceramics. They make incredible dishes and serving ware. This Entertaining Set makes for a great gift.

ChefSteps Joule

This is a sous vide device made by a local Seattle company. Their cooking website and apps are awesome.

These haven't been in stock for a while, so if you want one grab it now. And check out the review from Serious Eats.

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The Food Lab


Speaking of Serious Eats, this is my favorite cookbook. Get it for someone. They will love it.

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The best thermometer. No kidding.

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Capsule Wallet

I continue to use this Wallet for 2 years now. Recently I picked up their new Horween Leather Wallet, embossed with my initials. It's fantastic. Horween Leather is awesome.

They recently Kickstarted some new wallets, I picked up this passport wallet (fits 4-5 passports)

Buy Now - Black Friday 20% off use code BLK2016 at checkout

The Red Twist

Our friend Amy started this company, The Twist, to make ladies Cashmere wraps. Lora has one and they are quite nice.

Buy Now - Black Friday Special $20 off use code Thankful at checkout

Victorinox Swiss Army EvoWood 14

Since I was a kid I've always had a Swiss Army Knife. In fact, I still have all of them. This past year I saw this great walnut versions. They are great to hold and I happen to like the 14 size.

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James Knives

Handmade in Oregon, these knives are beautiful. I am particularly fond of The County.

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Dyson Hair Dryer

My wife still loves hers.

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Swarovski Annual Edition 2016 Crystal Star Ornament

We get one of these every year. It's a great way to slowly build an awesome ornament collection.

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Menu Watering Can


A beautiful object. Looks good when it's not watering. But also is so balanced and easy to use.

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We love Osmo in our house. They are such great learning tools. My favorite new additions are Osmo Coding, and Osmo Pizza.

If you get one thing, get the Osmo Coding for your kids. It's a great way to learn how to program.

Lego Cargo Train

Honestly, this is the best lego set I have made with our kids because you can play with it forever. It's quite large and you can have it go around your Christmas Tree. 

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Lego Holiday Train

Similar to the Cargo Train, but with a winter theme. It does not come with any of the motorized products like the Cargo Train, but you can get those separately to motorize it.

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I got to play around with Cosmo. He is very cute. Get ready for the robots. They are coming.

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iPad Mini 2

The iPad Mini 2 with 32GB is the perfect Kid device. I cannot emphasize this enough.

We would be lost without them.

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Surface 3

Last year we got a Surface 3 for our daughter and it's proven to be the perfect computing device for a 3rd grader and up.

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Coding Games in Scratch

Teach your kids how to use Scrath. It's a solid way to learn to program and have fun doing it.

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Minecraft: The Complete Handbook Collection

Our kids love these books, which they use to make and build new things in Minecraft.

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