Libbey Glass Spice Jars - 5 stars

As I get older, I get more intense about simplifying everything in my life - and getting rid of anything I don't need or love. I've only been more convicted since reading the Marie Kando books.

This past week's target was the spice drawer. Everyone has one. Mine was OK. I had these spice jars that were kind of complicated and they don't make them any more. I had my usual background research process running for a few days looking around. That's when I stumbled across these cute, simple, and well designed air-tight glass jars.

They come in 3 sizes, 4.5oz (perfect for most spice), 12.5oz and 27oz. The 12.5oz is perfect for spices that require a larger container (such as cinnamon sticks and black pepper), and the 27oz perfect for things like baking soda, baking powder and salt.

They are 100% glass (lid included) with a plastic air-tight locking ring. They are made in Mexico.

Before they arrived, this is what my spice drawer looked like

It was messy. These jars also leaked smell and spice as they were not air-tight.

I ordered 3 boxes of the 4.5oz jars, and then used my handy Dymo Label Maker with Black on Clear labels.

Now my spice drawer looks like this

And the larger spice jars are in a cupboard.

If you are thinking the same thing as me, it's time to organize and clean your spice drawer, consider the Libbey Jars. They are not too expensive and the end result is great.

Exceptional. A spectacular product.