Omar's Finds Jan 11: 8 Finds

01 Homes: MUJI launches it's own line of pre-fab homes. These are more micro homes. Neat.

02 Backpacks: This looks like a nice daily cary backpack by Incase.

03 Design: I saw a link to these VIPP salt and pepper shakers and went down the deep dark rabbit hole of design. These products are incredible looking, and priced that way. To bad their web site loads so slowly.

04 Furniture: If you have a kid that loves Legos or trains, Nilo makes incredible tables. We purchased the N34 (small) table for Sarah when she was 2 and then got her another one when she was 7. This gives her a lot of room to play with her Lego sets. Miles is interested in one and we're thinking of getting him the large one.

05 Tech: For the past few years, Steven Sinofsky has written the best CES Trip reports. Added to Pocket to read when I have the time to dedicate to this :-).

06 Tech: I learned of this product while listening to the Accidental Tech Podcast. It's a sweet USB-C hub for the MacBook.

07 Amazon: Alexa is about to get a little sister. I am sure Sarah is going to want one in her room. And of course that means Miles will too. Oh and "Amazon doesn’t release sales figures, but on its own site, more than 30,000 reviewers have given the Echo an average 4.5 out of 5 stars—a contrast to the company’s failed Fire phone in which 43% of reviewers on the site rated it one star." <- it's a winner

08 Apple: Looks like iOS 9.3 is going to be a big release. The support for multiple users in Schools is key. But the Night Shift mode is a great idea. Kindle has this.