myLifter - garage lifting made easy - 4 stars

One of my favorite Kickstarter projects has been the myLifter. I remember when I first saw it and thought, man… Kickstarter is so rad to bring these kind of products to market. The myLifter is a bluetooth / phone operated ceiling mounted winch. Why would you need such a thing you might ask? Do you have a Garage? Do you have a carbo box, or bikes? Would you like an easy way to get them off the floor and on the ceiling? If so read on.

MyLifter consists of a winch, and optional accessories for lifting bikes, kayaks and roof boxes. You can combine multiple lifters to lift a platform and use your garage ceiling for storage.

As you can see in this photo, there are a lot of items you can lift.

In my case, I purchased a myLifter to store my cargo box on my ceiling, and make it easy to lower and lift right off my car roof.

Previously my cargo box was on the floor taking up valuable garage real-estate.

Installation of myLifter is pretty straight forward. You located the studs in your ceiling, drill some holds, screw in some lag bolts and attach the myLifter and an eye hook. Then you install the phone app and pair to you phone. Now you can lower and lift anything.

I’ve made a short time-lapse video in case you want to watch the box go up.


★★★★☆ Great. Worth purchasing.