Aquabot - High pressure water spray - 4 stars

One great reason to go camping is all the wonderful opportunities it provides me for researching gadgets! This past weekend our team did an annual float down the Snoqualmie river. At the end team members were amazed by my Aquabot. I used it to wash all the sand off my feet before getting into the car. I may have sold a few that day!

What is the Aquabot? It’s a high pressure spray that attaches to a 32oz Nalgene bottle. With it you have a stream of water that you can use outdoors for things like showering, cleaning your kids, or just having an impromptu water fight. Our kids love them and so do I!

Aquabot is one of the more sucessful kickstarter projects I’ve funded (meaning I actually use the product). I’m currently in a self-imposed Kickstarted moratorium this year as I went overboard last year.

The spray itself is very powerful. I estimate about 30 ft.


I recommend getting one with the bottle as it saves another purchase. But if you have a bunch of Nalgene bottles already, this will make a welcome addition.


Purchase direct from Aquabot for $20.

★★★★☆ Great. Worth purchasing.