Capsule Wallet - 5 stars

Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving and survived Black Friday. As we are headed into the Holiday Shopping season I thought I would do a post on a nice men's gift (or womens if you carry a slim wallet). I recently purchased a wallet by a company called Capsule. They got their start on Kickstarter and have successfully transitioned to a full online business.


I've tried many wallets over the last year (most from Kickstarter) and this wallet has the right balance of everything i'm looking for:

  1. It holds cash, folded in half
  2. It holds 4-5 cards in the main compartment
  3. It hold a quick access card in an outer sleeve

You might ask, how can I manage not having a Costanza wallet.


Well, I carry the following items:

  1. A few bills (I don't use cash, everything goes on the Amazon credit card) and I use Square Cash a lot.
  2. Two bank cards
    1. Chase Amazon Card - my goto card given my excessive Amazon & Amazon Fresh purchasing - 3% on all Amazon purchases including Groceries.
    2. Debit Card - really just for emergencies and getting cash, otherwise I'd leave at home. I'm looking forward to Apple Pay like ATM interactions
  3. Microsoft badge - to get into my building
  4. Health card - you should always carry this
  5. Driver's license

That's it. I question needing any more than this. If you ride the bus or train, I could see the addition of a pass. If I get anything like a receipt I need to carry, I take a picture of it.

Recently I discovered the Capsule Wallet via You can read his review for all the gory details. I will simply end this with a few picks and say that I love this wallet.




I got the Blueprint in saffiano leather.

If you act now, they have 15% off sale which ends tomorrow. It will make a great gift. But warning, if you are buying someone with more than 6 every day carry cards, you might want to reconsider.

★★★★★ Exceptional. A spectacular product.