Fluxmob BOLT Portable Battery Backup and Wall Charger

If you've been reading this, you'll note that I've written about various wall charges in the past. What about portable batteries? This post is about one such gadget: The Fluxmob BOLT. 61JWyt+d91L._SL1500_ 61veIrvDGeL._SL1500_

What is it?

The Bolt [$59.99 via Amazon] is a combination wall charger and battery. It's an all in one device. I carry this with me everywhere as you never know when you might need to juice up, and it's handy to have enough charge in the battery to charge your phone from empty to full at least once (this device can charge an iPhone 5s about 1 and 1/2 times.

Like many devices, I discovered this via Kickstarter. It comes in a variety of colors:

Why did you get it?

I like having emergency power with me at work, on the plane and out and about. Having single device that does both charging via AC and battery is awesome.

The device is pretty small and compact and very high quality.

How has it made your life better?

Not life changing by any means, but more convenient.

Are you going to keep it?

I've had my bolt for a while now. I had a problem with my first one, and they replaced it right away with a new model (that was slightly improved). Overall, very happy with this purchase!


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