Hanging stockings

Silver mantle clipOccasionally this blog will go into things that are not about technology. I happen to have a side habit of seeking out useful objects and gadgets for our home, our kitchen and so on. My wife and I are both avid cooks and the Kitchen is a rich avenue of interesting "gadgets". Those that know me would not be surprised that after many years I have finally found the perfect "food storage" product. More on that later. Anyways, a few years ago when we got our new Christmas stockings we were looking for a way to hang them from our mantle without damaging the mantle. I'm not a big fan of putting nails or screws into my house if they are only temporary.

So, off to my favorite shopping website Amazon.com and I found these silver mantle clips (also come in brass). They hold a ton of stuff and look great. Highly recommended.