Send to SmugMug

Version 2.0.5551


Send to SmugMug will add a contextual menu to the Windows Explorer Shell and allow you to quickly create a new Album and upload the photos in the folder, or add the photos to an existing Album. Download the latest version (see the version history below for what's new).


  • Integration with Windows Explorer
  • Right click folder or photo and upload
  • Filter uploads based on keywords
  • Create galleries with custom options

How to Use

To use Send to SmugMug, simply:

  • Download
  • Install
  • Right-Click on any folder or files of jpeg image
  • Select Send to SmugMug
  • Enter your SmugMug username, password
  • Select your album options
  • Click Upload

If you wish to see video previews of video files such as MP4 and QuickTime on Windows XP and Vista download this product. On Windows 7 this is unnecessary as Windows 7 can playback MP4 files.

For suggestions or feedback please visit the feedback page.



2.0.5551 - March 21, 2015

  • fixed a bug loading albums and categories

2.0.5103 - Dec 21, 2013

  • fixed a bug uploading photos

2.0.5012 - Sep 21, 2013

  • Support for people tags
  • Fixed issue uploading non ASCII characters in filename
  • Fixed a bug with Portfolio accounts
  • Fixed a bug where some people didn't see any images after loading

2.0.4970 - Aug 10, 2013

  • Fixed a bug selecting individual images for launch
  • Handle some login issues
  • General bug fixes

2.0.4957 - Jul 28, 2013

  • Big update!
  • Support for latest SmugMug APIs
  • Support for watermarks
  • Setting for default category
  • Support for people tags
  • Performance improvements


Fixed a bug preventing login to SmugMug


Fixed a bug where the order of the photos could be reversed in the gallery

Fixed the high CPU usage issue many reported (Send to SmugMug no longer uses 50% (dual core) or 100% (single core) CPU


Pending uploads, retry, failures are handled better

New option to Skip duplicates, replace duplicate or add duplicate images

Fixed a bug uploading photos

Fixed a bug due to a change at SmugMug