ROAV sunglasses

On a recent vacation I discovered these ROAV sunglasses. They are sweet. Made of stainless steel, polarized and they fold up into something the size of 4 credit cards stacked together. 


Pictured hear are the Echo in black which I now own and have been using for the past few weeks


There are a number of styles and sizes. I fit the large to medium size head and recommend you look at some of the photos to be sure.

The reason I love these sunglasses is that I can wear them out to dinner and then fold them up and place them in my pocket and not have to fuss with a sunglasses case or even possibly loose them.


I keep these in my bag and carry them with me at all times now so that I always have a pair of sunglasses. 

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USB-C Charger Roundup

USB-C is here and I’ve been trying to purge all my USB stuff to get down to just USB-C chargers. The benefits are USB-C chargers can support a much higher (and faster) range of chargers meaning you spend less time charging. I have also managed to find adapters that let me charge my different kind of devices using USB-C like my surface minimizing what I have to travel with.

I own all these charges so you don’t have to. There are many I also have I didn’t bother noting since I think these below are the best for you.

In a follow-up post I will detail how I use my Peak Tech Pouch and the Magpul Daka pouches to organize all this stuff for me and the family.

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Joule Sous Vide

I have been using a Joule Sous Vide for a few years now and forgot I never reviewed it despite recommending it in my Holiday Newsletter.  


Chances are you have heard of Sous Vide. It’s a technique of slowly cooking food in water. There are numerous advantages to this. 

My main use for this is cooking frozen meat. We have purchased our meat from a company called Butcher Box. They deliver grass fed meat in dry ice and from there you place in your freezer. When you are ready to have steak you place the frozen steak in a vacuum sealed bag and then place in a container with the Joule for about 2 hours. Time depends a lot on the thickness of the steak. 

During that time the meat reaches 129 or 133 degrees which is medium-rare to medium. 

Then I take the meat out of the bag and finish on my Blu Skillet Cast Iron pans that are smoking hot and only have butter and some oil in them. 

The end result is what you eat in a restaurant. Perfectly cooked meat and finished / seared. 

Since cooking meat this way I have not used my grill. It just sits unused now. I cannot compare the results of Sous Vide to grilling and the benefits is doing 100% of this in my kitchen. The results are fantastically consistent.  


For hard to cook pieces such as bone in cuts or 1 inch or more cuts this technique works great. This photo below are 1.5 inch bone in rib eyes. 


There are many kinds of Sous Vide machines. I recommend the Joule because

  • ChefSteps - the company that makes Joule is Seattle based and makes fantastic educational apps and courses
  • The Joule software is 100% controlled via an App with built in guides and recipes 
  • They have great integration with Alexa

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There are some accessories I have used with my Joule  

  • Joule big clamp for plastic containers  
  • Cooking containers. 12qt for every day and 18qt for large items.  
  • FoodSaver Vacuum sealed bags. I don’t love this device though. Doesn’t spark joy. 
  • Grape seed oil spray. Grape seed has a much higher smoke point than olive oil and as such is a great product to use with a carbon steel pan. 
  • Joule Ready sauces which make cooking easy 

The Joule is awesome. Serious Eats has a great review if you want to learn more.  

Miele Vacuums

Every household has a Vacuum cleaner and the other day my sister asked me what kind to get to replace her Dyson. I love Dyson products, but after reading this Wirecutter article I replaced our Dyson with a Miele Vacuum Cleaner.

I always though “bagless” was better but have since decided it’s not. The Miele has a Hepa filter meaning it is putting filtered air back into your house and trapping 100% of muck in a bag that you only need to empty or replace every few months (no pets). We have had ours for over a year now and are using the same original box of 4 bags that came with it.

Wirecutter recommend the Compact C2 Electro+ which is really nice. Miele makes many many other models and the main differences are the features (such as attachments) and other bells and whistles - but pretty much they all have the same mechanism.

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Blunt Umbrellas

I always ask myself - “does this spark joy” - if you read or follow Marie Kondo then you know this is core to her philosophy.

I try and apply this to most of what I own - including - yes - my umbrellas. Up till now I generally did not think of them and when I did, disliked them. As such I looked to my friend Kelsi who loves her Blunt Umbrella and decided to replace our mismatch of umbrellas.

Blunt umbrellas are quite cool. They are not built like a regular umbrella. They come in many shapes and sizes.

They are the “Away Luggage” of the Umbrella world.

We chose to get some of the Metro umbrellas as well as the Classic umbrellas. I’m thinking about two of the golf umbrellas for attending to the kid’s soccer games in the fall and spring.

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