Messermeister 8.5-Inch Take-Apart Utility Shear - 5 stars

Going to keep this post short since today is prepare for Taxes day.

About a year ago when I was collecting the perfect set of knives, I was looking for a set of kitchen sheers. My requirements were that I could easily take them apart to clean them, and sharpen them. 

I had read about these German kitchen sheers made by Messermeister in Cook's Illustrated. They rated these knives highest about 10 yeas ago.. They are really great.

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Ratio 8 - 5 stars

After messing around with a lot of coffee makers over the years, I have settled on pour over as the best approach for a clean, flavor filled cup of joe. Beyond the manual process of making a pour over, which is simple and inexpensive, there are a number of automated pour over machines. None comes close to the Ratio 8 in terms of producing what I find to be an authentic pour over.

I covered the various approaches I use to making coffee in my post How I Make Coffee. In that post I was still using the Wilfa Machine, and most recently I had reviewed a Chemex pour over machine which was disappointing.

I had been doing some research on the Ratio 8, which is made in Portland Oregon, and decided to order one. A few months later my Ratio arrived. We've had it since December.

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Libbey Glass Spice Jars - 5 stars

As I get older, I get more intense about simplifying everything in my life - and getting rid of anything I don't need or love. I've only been more convicted since reading the Marie Kando books.

This past week's target was the spice drawer. Everyone has one. Mine was OK. I had these spice jars that were kind of complicated and they don't make them any more. I had my usual background research process running for a few days looking around. That's when I stumbled across these cute, simple, and well designed air-tight glass jars.

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